Proven Partners

Stuck N The Rut is honored to work alongside superior businesses in the hunting industry. The team has spent countless dollars and time finding the perfect gear. Our goal is to help fellow hunters by suggesting companies that we have proven to be excellent. This page is dedicated to showcasing the businesses we have chosen to work with and support in the hunting industry.

We at Stuck N The Rut understand that reputation and working relationships take time and must be proven. We  are willing to prove ourselves by showing our consistency and growth year after year. 

Vortex Optics

Check out this instructional video on one of the new Vortex Spotting Scopes

Kuiu Gear

Check out this instructional video on Kuiu's Bino holder.

Lane Precision Rifles

We are proud to have Dallas Lane, of Lane Precision Rifles as a long time friend and hunting buddy. He grew up in Bonners Ferry and has expanded on his hunting passion so much that he now builds long range rifles full time. We are currently using four of his rifles and are very pleased with their craftsmanship, and performance at the range and in the field.

Check out his website and hunting packages today. 

Stay tuned for gear review and instructional videos.

Solvid CamStrap

Our friends at Solvid have invested years of hard work into designing and manufacturing their product. They sell the CamStrap on their website and have tons of great videos on youtube to attest to the quality of their product. They have figured out a way to mount a high quality video recording device to your head to help capture exactly what you see on a hunt. Check it out!